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Thirteen days were named after Fire, Water, Sun, Moon, Tiri and Geush Urvan (the soul of all animals), Mithra, Sraosha (Soroush, yazata of prayer), Rashnu (the Judge), Fravashi, Bahram (yazata of victory), Raman (Ramesh meaning peace), and Vata, the divinity of the wind.

Three were dedicated to the female divinities, Daena (yazata of religion and personified conscious), Ashi (yazata of fortune) and Arshtat (justice).

Although the earliest evidence of Iranian calendrical traditions is from the second millennium BCE, predating the appearance of the Iranian prophet Zoroaster, the first fully preserved calendar is that of the Achaemenids.

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The modern Iranian calendar is now the official calendar in Iran.

It begins at the midnight nearest to the instant of the vernal equinox as determined by astronomical calculations for the Iran Standard Time meridian (52.5°E or GMT 3.5h).

Located within a Professional Medical center, 5885 Côte-des-Neiges, office 206.

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Tel: 514-750-5117 We work in Orthopedics, Rheumatology-O. thulasichediyavideo_8ae3777ebhtmlcf4mallu+aunty+showing+bbs+n+pzzy+in+car+ +with+clear+mallu+talk tabbu having sex kon iran Physiotherapy is the primary health care profession that promotes wellness, mobility, and independent function.Old Persian inscriptions and tablets indicate that early Iranians used a 360-day calendar based on the solar observation directly and modified for their beliefs. The months had two or three divisions depending on the phase of the moon.

Estos textos servían principalmente a causas institucionales , era la obra de funcionarios civiles o militares.​ Desde Confucio en adelante (551-479 a.… continue reading »

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