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At about PM, a resident told Officer Oswald that the father of her children has been calling and texting her repeatedly.

When the officer called the man, he advised that, “The bitch does cocaine with men” and that he wanted to see his kids.

At about that time, EMTs arrived; they inserted an oral airway into the man’s mouth, but he remained unresponsive.

They then delivered a second dose of naloxone through the nose causing the man to wake up suddenly.

He found a 32-year-old West Bend man lying on his back in a stall, breathing but unresponsive, with pupils that were pinpoint an unresponsive.

Based on the signs, Officer Oswald believed that the man had overdosed on a narcotic, and he applied a naloxone auto-injector into the man’s thigh.

A routine check revealed that the victim was on probation, and the Department of Corrections placed a hold on him.

While in the ER, the man accused Officer Oswald of taking a photo of him while he was using the toilet, and threatened to file a complaint against him (the same officer who helped save his life).

Officer Oswald checked the computer’s history and observed several tech support sites that didn’t appear to be genuine.By AM, the man was ready to be cleared and taken to County Jail.

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