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And just for entertainment, Gough includes a ditty on a woman's intimate parts: "Her maiden womb, the dwelling house of pleasure.

O blest is he may search that secret treasure."On the age-old question of why women are "more craftily revengeful than men", he offers this reply: "By reason of the weaknesse of their natures; what they cannot do by force, they maintain by subtility." The guide, which is expected to fetch up to £800, has the full title of the Academy of Complements, Wherein Ladies, Gentlewomen, Schollers and Strangers, may accommodate their Courtly practice with gentile Ceremonies, Complemental amorous high expressions, and Forms of speaking or writing of Letters most in Fashion.

At the time of its publication, fashionable women would wear floorlength dresses usually cut low enough to show a glimpse of cleavage, with their waists and busts exaggerated by tightly-strapped bodices.

Hair would be worn up, usually with a powdered wig or hairpiece to give extra height, and fans, embroidered handkerchiefs and pearl necklaces were essential accessories.

An edition of a rare 1694 manual, The Ladies' Dictionary: being a General Entertainment for the Fair Sex, is going up for auction next month.

It reveals the bizarre, and often hilarious, home remedies and etiquette tips offered to women during the reign of William and Mary.

Other suggestions include: "Her breasts are the soft Pillows of love" and "Her breasts are two Ivory balls of listing pleasure".They were told to brew up a foul mixture of chicken and goose grease, pine, rosin, pitch and turpentine in an earthenware pot.This was then mixed with wax, cooled, applied "to the place that Languishes, or does not equally Thrive", and allowed to set into a plaster.The manual was in the collection of the late book dealer Tony Hattersley, and goes under the hammer at Bonhams in Oxford on September 11.

The auctioneers' book specialist Matthew Haley expects it to fetch about £2,000.

As you breathlessly curse the magazine that advised a five-mile run to tone those thighs, spare a thought for your sisters of the 17th century.