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Claudia has lived all her life in a small, seaside, blue-collar town, hanging out with the same group of friends since grade school.

Now she's waiting tables in a greasy spoon to help ...

His life was dedicated to understand what made human beings act the way they did, never being judgmental, but with a tremendous insight to interpret the data and present it in a comprehensible way.

A puritanical American society reacted strongly against the findings of Dr. He was a man ahead of his times when he decided to gather information about the sex lives of Americans and to publish the results in a best selling book. Kinsey, Liam Neeson, showing an uncanny resemblance to the man, himself, does a wonderful job.

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Kinsey awoke the American public to a better understanding of their sexuality in ways no one, up to that point, had ever dared to show.See full summary » After moving in together in an impossibly beautiful New York apartment, Carrie Bradshaw and Mr.Big make a rather arbitrary decision to get married.The film is documentary in style, as we are shown the life of Kinsey at different times of his life. His father was a tyrant who never really showed love toward him.

There are moments when the young Kinsey is shown as boy scout and there is an element of homosexuality that maybe, for fear, never came to the surface, but it's there, nonetheless. Kinsey's life takes a turn when he meets, Clara Mc Millen, who he calls "Mac".It's a good movie, with good acting, and good lines.