Old english hexateuch online dating

26-Aug-2017 02:04

Of all the texts available to Anglo-Saxons, they were irresistibly drawn to the narrative beginning with the Creation and ending with Joseph’s death in Egypt.

They turned to it again and again for inspiration, both literary and ecclesiastical.

Below is a general introduction to the OE materials that draw on Genesis.

The materials have been divided generically, since it is often difficult to date OE texts.

There is an uneven distribution of material across these five categories, though each shall be considered in its own right.

Aelfric of Eynsham (c.950–c.1010) was wonderfully prolific.

He also authored De Sex Etatibus Huius Seculi and De Temporibus Anni.

There are two homilies relevant to Genesis that are not included among the Catholic Homilies.

They are De Creatore et Creatura, a treatise on the Creator and his creation, and De Falsis Diis, a short salvation history that explains the origins of idolatry.

Number thirteen, Dominica V in Quadragesima, describes when the Trinity visited Abraham, and Aelfric also comments on the significance of that same patriarch’s thigh.

Number fourteen, Dominica Palmarum: De Passione Domini, connects the crown of thorns with the briers of the Fall.

The first book of the Bible plays a key role in Aelfric’s narrative of salvation history, which he briefly presents in the Letter to Sigeward.