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We never saw eye-to-eye, and months ago, when I personally delivered a drawing as an apology of my anger towards her actions, she served me with a Trespassing Notice.

To name a few more, Clyde Cash, of course; then there was "Blanca Weiss", the 13 year old brat who pretended to be a woman named "Julie", the creator of the crappy parody of my Sonichu, (yuck! I was blackmailed a number of times, a bunch of which by Jack Thaddius; he hacked into my PSN account, changed the Sign-In ID and password. I think he made me do a few nude photos (unsure of that, but it has happened to me before in past deceptions and blackmail).

Liking me before, her family got the Trolls' messages as well, and they just shut me out emotionally as well.

Yes, there are a number of inaccuracies on the CWCki.

I did not want her to apologize, if anything I wanted her to Accept My Apology and move forward in our lives and be friends again. "At a future Social Group Meeting, I was able to let "(WALLFLOWER'S FIRST NAME)" know about my pains, and I would have appreciated an apology. Now she'll have to live the rest of her life with the recurring memory of hurting me like she did. " There are the obvious ones where they mislabel me as a "Coming-out-the-closet gay", a Pedophile, and where they turn my truths I had stated where I was an humble, good person against me by taking my past actions out of context.

The Cwcki has slandered me in for examples, they take the way I spend the money I got from my monthly income out of context; I do a lot more with it than just video games; I give some of it to my mother and father to pay rent, bills and such.

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Among other things, we learn that Chris masturbates while wearing a condom, and that his family improperly disposes of garbage.Like I heard this woman, Teresa, who was jailed for being a mastermind in the murder of her husband a few years ago is going to meet her execution soon.