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) Tickets get checked once in a while, usually by people with nondescript clothes waiting for passengers exiting the platforms or getting into the carriage and revealing themselves as ticket inspectors once the doors close and the train is on the move.Happened to me once or twice when working in Berlin and commuting by public transport for 6 months a few years ago so I can vouch that it does happen but it does not seem that common either.It's true that it's a strategy (random check and deterrence) closer to what you typically find in middle-sized towns with only a bus network than to what you see in large cities like London or Paris. Also, all students in Berlin get a “Semesterticket” allowing unlimited travel on the Berlin transit network.It's not free but included in their registration fee, which is a rather heavy-handed but very effective approach: A major group of potential fare evaders simply have no choice but to pay for a rail card, whether they want it or not, thus obviating the need to spend resources on enforcement, at least for that demographic.Using this mechanism, you can therefore purchase several day tickets at once, and use them one-by-one whenever you want.If you look at a validated ticket, you will also notice the name of the station, which is especially useful for -tickets, which are valid for up to three stations on the U-Bahn or S-Bahn or to verify you haven't done a round-trip (which is not allowed on a single-trip ticket). Since you don't have to use them on the day you bought them, they aren't valid if you don't ‘punch’ them with the machine when you do want to use them.Mehr erfahren Ganz egal, ob Sie einen Besuch auf dem Fernsehturm, der Museumsinsel oder im Theater planen: Die spannendsten Seiten Berlins lassen sich mit der Berlin Welcome Card einfach und günstig erleben.

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They can't really check if you are taking the most direct route or find out if you are already on your way back but I guess they could still fine you if you are on a train heading to your departure station (i.e.I always suspected though, that they use that rule to get rid of people hanging around stations and asking for used tickets and selling them back to others. They will note down name and address and then you will be fined 40 €.

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