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To be a heretic was to be eternally condemned and the Church of Rome was just doubly trying to make sure that Wycliffe was damned for eternity! BACK In 1769, on the 26th September, the first recorded cremation in Britain took place.

The body of Honoretta Pratt daughter of Sir John Brookes of York was illegally burned in an open grave at St Georges Burial Ground, London and a stone bearing the following inscription was erected in the burial ground, Hanover Square, London saying: This worthy woman believed that the vapours arising from graves in church yards in populous cities must prove hurtful to the inhabitants and resolving to extend to future times, as far as she was able, that charity and benevolence which distinguished her through her life, ordered that her body should be burnt in the hope that others would follow the example, a thing too hastily censured by those who did not enquire the motive.

Tragically for him his only child, his daughter came out to meet him.

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Spenser Wells representing the realm of art, science, literature and medicine.In India (during British rule) in the early 1800s, it was the practice of many to burn the widowed wife alive with her husband when he died.It took twenty-four years of educational help and raising public awareness from the missionary William Carey and his friends, to prohibit this cruel and superstitious rite known as Suttee.John Wycliffe (translator of the English Bible from the Latin) died of an illness in 1390.

In 1414 Wycliffe was condemned as a heretic by the Church of Rome.Cremation has become popular in 21st century Britain, but the church has not always been in love with the idea.