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Well, it’s important to remember that a lot of this is speculative and all of this is subject to approval of antitrust regulators before the deal officially goes through.But if it does go through, these could be things to consider: *Yahoo notes that the most immediate visible change would likely be a rebranding of the Fox Sports regional channels.Of particular interest to local sports fans, though, is a part of the deal that might get lost in the bigger headline.In the deal, Disney — the parent company of ESPN — bought all of Fox’s regional sports networks.But then I saw the way Bart was staring at me with mockery and the way my mom was staring at me with concern, and I just couldnt face telling them the truth, which I still was half-denying myself.When we arrived at the gala, I scanned the room for Mr.The regional deals account for the vast majority of games shown in many cases — as is true with the Twins, Wild and Wolves on Fox Sports North — and blackout restrictions have prevented cord-cutters who live in the region from watching them without having a cable or satellite subscription.But imagine if you could pay a flat monthly fee for an ESPN streaming package that included all the programming on ESPN’s national networks as well as content from its regional networks?

Continue reading Well, the first thing we need to do is get out of this formal attire, Mr. I watched him undress, as I had many times before, but tonight it seemed a bit different. Or maybe it was just my imagination, inspired to wildness by the cold, isolated, romantic winter evening. I asked, staring salaciously at my friend unbuttoning his shirt. Shes the curator for the new modern classics museum over on Broadway. I was pouring plaudits upon the fabulous doll gallery, and we got to talking.Bart had quickly forgotten his strange wake of a month ago, but Lisa hadn’t. The sex had been good, but she was only interested in playing with Milhouse, not actually dating him. He said as he walked over and picked up Waylon off the floor by his arm. He didnt want to seem any weaker than he was to the large and muscular man who was now forcing him to stand upright. Soon the devil found out so h strait away went to Barts house and put to sleep everyone.But even from afar, she could tell Milhouse wasn’t only interested in her. Waylon gritted his teeth in anger and tried to leap up with the intention of going after the man but his muscles refused to cooperate and he gave a howl of agony at his sudden movements. He then took them to the dungeon but surprisingly it was Krusties house and the devil ran away again.So it probably wouldn’t be called Fox Sports North anymore — rather, it would probably have a name that included ESPN. *More significantly, Yahoo speculated that ESPN could launch regional versions of Sports Center (or a Sports Center-like program) on its newly acquired regional networks.

Imagine a dedicated 30- or 60-minute program every night devoted just to Minnesota sports, showing local highlights with local features. *Perhaps of greatest interest is how this could impact a streaming package from ESPN.

Included in that bundle of networks is Fox Sports North, which shows the vast majority of Twins, Wild and Timberwolves games as well as a good number of Lynx games and a handful of other live local sporting events.