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Lines, semicircles, grids, insects, flowers, leaves, trees and squares were favourite motifs.

Fabric-B shows marked improvement in finishing, but the lower half was deliberately roughened.

Earlier, fort wall had a thickness of 1.9 meters, which was raised to 3.7-4.1 meters during reconstruction in this phase.

Brick size was 20 × 20 × 10 cm in both construction-phases.

Some burnt wedge shaped bricks also have been found.

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Within the fortified citadel complex, the southern half contained many (five or six) raised platforms of mud bricks, mutually separated by corridors. Vandalism of these platforms by brick robbers makes it difficult to reconstruct the original shape of structures above them but unmistakable remnants of oval fire-pits of burnt bricks for have been found, with a Pali Peedam or sacrificial post (cylindrical or with rectangular cross-section, sometimes bricks were laid upon each other to construct such a post) in the middle of each pit and sacrificial terracotta cakes in all these fire-pits.The structure of these fire-altars is reminiscent of altars, but the analogy may be coincidental, and these altars are perhaps intended for some specific (perhaps religious) purpose by the community as a whole.

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