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But from a legal perspective, does it make sense for Millard to choose to get up in the witness box and testify?

"There's always a risk that an accused who acts as his own counsel and who chooses to take the stand is going to come across to the jury as being arrogant in thinking he can do this, or thinking this charge is just very minor and I, as an amateur, can be my own lawyer," Crew said.

on July 4.“Her friends and her family have never seen her again or heard from her again and they have never been able to contact her,” the judge said.“These are critical pieces of evidence.”He also noted the handgun Millard bought on July 2, although he said there is no evidence Millard had ammunition for that gun, and Babcock’s i Pad and bag that were found at Smich’s home.Usually, that would happen through what's called "examination in chief," where a defence lawyer asks their client questions to allow them to give their version of an event.