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28-Aug-2017 22:18

Regardless of religious affiliation or denomination, these beautiful buildings inspire millions of visitors every year.

When visiting Charleston, here are some of the Historic Churches that are worth seeing: Bethel United Methodist Church has been located at the corner of Calhoun and Pitt Streets since 1797 and is designated a National Historic Landmark.

“Dave” jars and other Edgefield pottery, produced by African American slaves.

Tools used in rice cultivation and other plantation artifacts.

In the Bunting Natural History Gallery, experience an extraordinary presentation of fossils, specimens, bird and animal mounts, and geologic examples, which together tell the story of Lowcountry natural history.

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In addition, all corridors and our Gallery Rooms also feature a collection of original art.

Exhibit highlights: Mounted skeletons of Pelagornis, the world’s largest known flying bird, and other prehistoric animals such as an 18-foot long crocodile and a 13-foot tall giant ground sloth.

Fossil invertebrates and plant species that are nearly 300 million years old and extensive fossil examples from the Ice Age.

buy tickets details In the Museum’s Armory, see excellent examples of historic weaponry, dating from 1750 to the twentieth century, with uses that ranged from military to more personal applications such as hunting and dueling.

Exhibit highlights: Revolutionary War and Civil War era swords. Uniform of a soldier killed at the Battle of Secessionville, fought near Charleston.Where Charleston tradition meets modern elegance on the corners of East Bay and Vendue Range.