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05-Oct-2017 14:41

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Last summer we had a booking from a guy who'd bought a bike on the internet that had come in a box and that he was having some trouble with.

I went round to pick it up and knocked on the door.

Throughout this article this type of bike will be referred to as BSOs - Bicycle Shaped Objects. I run a local business that services and repairs all types of bikes (including BSOs). I'm not trying to persuade you to buy a bike from me, as we don't sell bikes.

I want to try and make a contribution as I'm seeing more and more people buying these bikes and then discovering that they are useless for any purpose except landfill.

If it's not the latest top of the range, titanium coated, computer engineered, space tested, turboflip ZX derailleur, then it's rubbish. You can get good quality bike parts for very reasonable prices, but when you scrape the bottom of the barrel you will get rubbish. A suspension bike is more complicated than its non-suspension sibling.

Additionally a rear wheel needs to be 'dished' to compensate for the sprockets on the right hand side of the hub.

Both he and actor Dylan Baker have played the role of the Spider-Man villain, "Dr.